Services offered by Inter-Africa Frontiers International Group aim to bridge the gap between African entrepreneurs with the potential to become market leaders and global investors ready to forge successful partnerships.

Our services include:

→ Building market linkages across the agricultural value chain, both forward into the global industry and backward to smallholder farmers

→ Developing talent and leadership to provide the agro industry with the appropriate skills set in strategic thinking, business leadership,and entrepreneurship

→ Nurturing agricultural innovation and helping innovative social enterprises (particularly youth and women-led agribusinesses) to explore the pathway to scale

→ Offering a variety of tailor-made services to dedicated entrepreneurs including market linkages, finance, technology training, business services, and networks

→ Cultivating partnerships across the agribusiness sector, locally, regionally and internationally

→ Providing tailor-made services to international investors ready to explore the lucrative agribusiness investment opportunities in Africa

Focus Areas

While our services focus largely on the agribusiness and agro-processing sector, the following sectors will also be explored due to their strategic importance and relevance to the agriculture sector.

→ ICT – innovative mobile-based applications, software development and customization

→ Energy – in particular generation, distribution, and transmission of geothermal, hydropower, oil based thermal and any other economically competitive energy sources.