Inter-Africa Frontiers International Group is a social impact investor and project developer operating exclusively in the agriculture sector in Africa. Our mission – to reduce poverty and improve food security – is underpinned by our belief that the best route out of poverty for the majority of Africa's rural poor is the development of profitable agriculture with strong links to markets.

We invest in socially-responsible businesses, operating across the supply chain, which have the potential to make a major positive social impact in their communities. In addition to direct investment, we provide on-the-ground technical support and specialist agricultural advice to management teams.

Currently working in six African countries, and with plans to expand into a further four, we are raising agricultural productivity, increasing incomes, creating employment opportunities and, in doing so, helping to reduce food insecurity, hunger and under-nutrition in rural communities.


Our range of activities ensure that agribusinesses are supported with all their investment needs.  We can support businesses through:

→ Long term, concessional finance for early stage agribusinesses
→ Working capital, which is provided through our sister company
→ Technical support and grant funding for smallholder schemes, through our Smallholder Development Unit


→ To make direct investments to create commercially sustainable enterprises which deliver positive social impact
→ To invest along the whole value chain - including input supply, farming, processing and logistics – which support emergent commercial farmers and smallholders
→ To invest in financial intermediaries to enable access to finance for smaller agribusinesses
→ To develop irrigated farms of all sizes connected to power and road networks
→ To encourage adoption of our approach by third parties